Maisie went on a photo shoot with a professional pet photographer, and she’s amazing, the photographer, not Maisie lol (although we all think Maisie is amazing of course!!!!!) so please check out…..


– Jude

I have always wanted a portrait of Bunbury, my cat. But being a cat, he had other ideas.

I was immediately impressed with Amanda’s lovely nature and Bunbury took to her right-away.  He sat and posed for a good ten minutes allowing Amanda to take several photographs. I was amazed.
Because Amanda had been to my home and saw my décor, she was able to suggest several frame options that would suit. The one I settled on matched perfectly.
I was so excited when the picture arrived. I couldn’t wait to get it on the wall.
The picture takes pride of place above my settee so that I see it every time I enter the room. It brings me so much pleasure.
When the inevitable sad day arrives (hopefully a long time from now), I know that I will have a forever reminder of my very special best friend.
Thank you so much Amanda, I cannot possibly recommend you enough.

– Bea

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